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Whether you are an older shredder looking to get back in the game or simply stay in it and fight against an ageing body or someone looking to push and test the boundaries of what’s possible on the board, Skateboard Strength aims to deliver the best off-board practices in training, nutrition and health in order for you to perform your best on it.

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PHOTO 1 Ultimate Skate Performance

Ultimate Performance Program

Everything you’ll ever need to tune your body for skating.

Photo 2 Masterclass

Skate Injury Masterclass

Everything you need to heal your skate based injuries.

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Foot + Calf + Ankle Program

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About Us

Skateboard Strength was started in order to bring the latest in cutting edge training , nutrition and health practices to the skate community in order to help them perform at their best.

Word on the Street

“ Training with Dan has been amazing for me! Having had surgery on both ankles as well a an abundance of other injuries, I knew that strength training was going to be essential.
The benefits from working with Dan have far exceeded my expectations.

I can not stress enough the importance of rehabilitation and strength training for anyone who is returning to skating after an injury. Do yourself a favour and follow Dan’s programs. “

Ben Curry

‘Dans the man! His training is honestly one of a kind. I’d had a bad knee for years and after countless physios and no luck finding Dan was really refreshing. A handful of sessions in and I already noticed a massive difference. Dans training is next level and for anyone that’s trying to push their skating to that next step I cannot recommend him enough. So get at him because he’ll sort you out.’

Sam Fairweather

Dan delivers such a great experience with strength training and is always on top of everything. He has shown me how to keep my body strong and how to prevent and recover from injuries as best as possible. He is a great trainer and he also is a great person and recommend his advice to anyone trying to build their strength.

Jett Stanton

Can’t believe how much Dan’s routine has helped me on and off the board, skating after work is so much easier now and my tricks are popped so much higher and I’m lasting longer in sessions, plus it’s super easy to follow and planned specifically to my skate style.

TJ Peters
TJ Peters

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