Born out of Pure Passion.


Skateboard strength was started out of pure passion. The first was my passion for strength training to which I have dedicated the past 12 years of my life learning from the best in the business and practicing on the daily with my clients.

The second is a tale that’s all too familiar in the skateboarding community. At the tender age of 35 I decided to buy my first skateboard. I was blown away how this turned out to be one of the best purchases I had made in a long time. The result was the birth of a new growing passion in skateboarding. I became obsessed.

Whilst skating and meeting fellow skaters, I started to hear the same complaints (mainly from the older guys) over and over again.

“The concrete just seems harder these days!”

“I dont pull up as well as I used to!”

“The body is not what it was like when I was younger.”

At first I just smiled and laughed but then I started to notice some other things: Guys sitting watching their kids skating and not participating themselves. Others not being able to do more than a simple skate around in fear of “pulling something”.

I got inquisitive.

As I searched around for available sources for information it became evident that whilst skateboarding has been around for a long time it has yet to embrace all the benefits the strength and conditioning community could give it.

This is where my two passions came together.

With over 12 years experience in the field I decided to start this page to give back to the community that has been nothing but welcoming to me. My hope is that I can help get people back on their boards and push the boundaries that open up to them when they reap the benefits of some science backed targeted sport-specific training.


Why Choose Skateboard Strength?

When you perform a trick on the board you follow a sequence that leads to that trick eventuating. For example, if you slide your foot up on the board before you engage the pop phase when you ollie, you will get nowhere with the ollie other than wearing out your shoe.

Skate-specific strength training is no different. Principles need to be adhered to in order to get success and maximise results. Phases of training need to build on each other in order to allow the ground work to be laid for the next step to happen successfully. Without that, results are random and unspecific. This is the difference between using Skateboard Strength and tying a bunch of random things together you pulled off the internet.

So let’s look at the principles:

Pulling from practices like yoga, Pilates and static stretching in order to restore range of motion back into our joints and muscles to allow for greater freedom of movement on the board.

Developing balance and awareness of the positions and movements we are exposed to when skating.

Carefully selected strength exercises that allow you to tolerate the huge amount of forces placed on the body when you skate.

Nutrition and Health
The principles of strength and performance on the board don’t go very far unless the body is fuelled in a way to take full advantage of the adaptations. Nutrition and Health is the grip tape that allows you to stick to your board to allow the magic to happen.


These principles put together create the result. These principles together are the harmony of that perfect moment you pop, slide and elevate into that perfect ollie.

One without the other doesn’t work, however all of them pieced together at the right time, in the right sequence and order, create an environment where something beautiful can happen.

Whether you are an older shredder looking to get back in the game or simply stay in it and fight against an ageing body . . . .


Someone looking to push and test the boundaries of what’s possible on the board . ..

Skateboard Strength aims to deliver the best off board practices in training, nutrition and health in order for you to perform your best on it.