Ultimate Performance Program Box Set

Ultimate Skate Performance Program

Everything you will ever need for a lifetime of skate based performance.

Learn to fix your skate based pains

Gain confidence in your body to go for and land tricks

Prevent and recover from injuries faster

Understand how to fuel yourself for skate performance

Have all your questions answered in the USPP Bible

Take your skating to where your mind wills it and not be held back by your body


$35 AUD / Month Package: (Roughly 23USD)
$20 AUD / Month Package: (Roughly 13USD)

Cancel anytime.

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The Issue

For far too long skaters have accepted pain and injuries as part of their daily life causing them to cut their skate careers short and not continue to do what they love well into their later years.

Not anymore.

This one-of-a-kind program aims at giving skaters all the information and tools they will ever need to enjoy a lifetime of skating and unleashing potential they never thought possible.

1000 x 800 -2

Master Classes

Covering the most common injuries skaters face:

- Foot, calf, ankle
- Knee
- Hips
- Back
- Core
- Shoulder
- Neck
- Wrist

Each master class series will teach you about your injury and provide a program to make your injury a thing of the past, safeguarding you from problems in the future.

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Ultimate Performance Program: A Lifetime of Programming.

Every aspect of a skater’s performance has been meticulously thought about and the latest science backed research considered in this one-of-a-kind program that will push you to a level of skate performance you never thought you had.

Catering to varying levels with its smart variation feature that allows you to not only scale to your level but progress each and every time you perform it.

Every exercise has its place, each phase builds on the next taking you from periods of healing, repair and setting base levels of skate based strength, to peaking in skate qualities like power and pop.

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Recovery Program

Learn to use tools such as foam rollers, mobility balls, stretching, yoga and Pilates techniques to recover faster for your next skate.

Warm Up

Learn to warm up properly with these specific at-home and at-the-spot warm up programs.

Conditioning Program

Feel like you gas out in skates? Not anymore. With these in-gym and at-home conditioning programs we will train you to be able to last and perform well into the sesh.

Pop Program

Want to unleash incredible levels of pop? This specialty pop program allows you to zero in on the qualities you will need to do just that.

Flick Program

Flick letting you down? Look no further then this bite sized program allowing you to get rid of this problem for good.

Bailing Program

Teach the body to move unrestricted and create muscle memory to help when taking falls and bailing.

Follow Along Sessions

Press play and simply follow along with a guided session where you get coached on the spot. Each Session covering specific topics such as Ankle Mobility, Buttery Hips 1 and 2, Morning Mobility Flow + more.

Specific Injury Based Programs

Whilst the masterclass sessions cover injuries in depth, there is also extra programs to help issues such as Jumpers Knee, Achilles Tendon, Flat Feet + More

Nutrition and Skate Performance

Learn how to fuel the body for skate based performance with full nutrition section where we cover:

- Pre skate meal
- Intra skate snack
- Nutrition for weight loss
- Nutrition for skate performance


The Delivery: Full App Experience

Your subscription allows you access to your program through a seamless in app experience that connects to your smart watch and gives you features such as:

- Easy to track and follow along work outs with full video demonstration
- Reminder and notifications of your workouts so you can build the habit of training consistently
- Nutrition tracking
- Constant update on new programs being made and adjustments to the program

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Ongoing Support and Community

Be part of a community that looks to grow and learn off each other in the pursuit to skate for a lifetime. With direct access to your coach in the private message forum you can continue to ask questions and help guide future programs as well as get recommendations on which programs to pair together based off your changing situations.


Skate Performance Bible

Ultimate Performance program box set
This unique PDF will become your skate performance bible with all the information you will ever need and all your questions answered around skate performance. With videos and articles written on topics such as:

- Returning to skating
- Dealing with tendon issues
- Warm ups
- Best recovery methods and tools
- Structuring your weekly training and skating

This is yours to download and keep for a lifetime. You will have this to look back on whenever you want.

Ultimate Performance Program Box Set

What you get:

$35 AUD / Month Package: (Roughly 23USD)
$20 AUD / Month Package: (Roughly 13USD)

Skate specific injury Master Class programs covering feet/ankles, knees, hips, back, core, shoulders, neck, wrists.

Lifetime of performance programming specifically for skaters directed by you and your needs.

Nutrition for weight loss and skate performance guides.

Speciality programs for warm ups, conditioning, flick and pop.

Skate performance bible PDF with articles and videos covering topics such as nutrition, understanding and managing pain, return to skating and much more.

Continued access to and support from your coach.


$30 AUD / Month Package: (Roughly 20USD)
$20 AUD / Month Package: (Roughly 13USD)

Cancel anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The program is built to cater to those that have never trained, all the way to the very experienced. The progression system used allows you to pick and choose variations suited to your level so that you are always getting the right stimulus.

It also has simple videos to show you how to build the habit of training, schedule your sessions, read and understand programs and much more to give you all the tools you need.

The UPP caters to people wanting to train out of gyms with gym friendly options for certain exercises built in the program.

The beauty of this program is the master class series and program allow you to understand and fix your injury to support continued training with the program.

The master class program allows you to not only understand your injury with its lecture series but also gives you the program to fix it so that you can return to skating.

Each exercise has a full video demonstration where each movement is broken down to teach you proper execution.

No. There is no lock in contract and you can cancel any time you like.

Yes, this program requires a dumbbell and single resistance band but can be done at home withe ease.

Word on the Street

“ Training with Dan has been amazing for me! Having had surgery on both ankles as well a an abundance of other injuries, I knew that strength training was going to be essential.
The benefits from working with Dan have far exceeded my expectations.

I can not stress enough the importance of rehabilitation and strength training for anyone who is returning to skating after an injury. Do yourself a favour and follow Dan’s programs. “

Ben Curry

‘Dans the man! His training is honestly one of a kind. I’d had a bad knee for years and after countless physios and no luck finding Dan was really refreshing. A handful of sessions in and I already noticed a massive difference. Dans training is next level and for anyone that’s trying to push their skating to that next step I cannot recommend him enough. So get at him because he’ll sort you out.’

Sam Fairweather

Dan delivers such a great experience with strength training and is always on top of everything. He has shown me how to keep my body strong and how to prevent and recover from injuries as best as possible. He is a great trainer and he also is a great person and recommend his advice to anyone trying to build their strength.

Jett Stanton

Can’t believe how much Dan’s routine has helped me on and off the board, skating after work is so much easier now and my tricks are popped so much higher and I’m lasting longer in sessions, plus it’s super easy to follow and planned specifically to my skate style.

TJ Peters
TJ Peters

What are you waiting for?

Find out for yourself why this program is changing the life of skaters everywhere keeping them skating for longer and at performance levels they never thought possible.

$35 AUD / Month Package: (Roughly 23USD)
$20 AUD / Month Package: (Roughly 13USD)

Free nutritional guide

Free Ultimate Performance Bible

Free Skate Injury Masterclass

Group Chat access to ask all your questions

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