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Foot Calf and Ankle Program for Skaters

The last program you will ever need for your skate related ankle issues.

Covering all major skate related ankle injuries such as hot pockets, ankle rolls, achilles tendon issues.

In depth educational lecture to help you understand the issue and why it has occurred.

Full program to help you begin the recovery taking you away from pain and then towards skate based performance.

Video tutorial for each individual exercise.

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One Injury All Skaters Face

If you are a skater there is 1 injury you can’t avoid. Ankle Injuries. Skating places a huge demand on the feet, calves and ankles and forces the joint and muscles of the area to go way beyond their normal function. As a result, skaters tighten up in these areas and can commonly face injuries such as hot pockets, ankle rolls, tendonitis or even just general soreness.

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One Program to Rule Them All

This program is designed to be a one-stop-shop to not only rehabilitate the most common foot, calf and ankle injuries skaters face, but also safeguard against dealing with the daily rigours of life on the plank. To take you from injured and in pain, to back on the board and performing better than ever. Even those that don’t currently have an issue will experience immense benefit from this program.

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Not Just a Program

When it comes to dealing with injuries knowledge is power. It can shave weeks, months even years off your recovery if you have an understanding of your injury and the nuances of treating it.

Taken from the SS Masterclass series this guide has in depth lectures educating you on the foot calf and ankle injuries that plague skaters. Added to this is the bonus lectures on things like managing pain, understanding tendinopathies , and how to use the guide videos make this way more then just a program.

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What you Get for Free:

Complete lecture series covering the most common foot calf and ankle problems skaters face.

Special lectures covering important topics such as healing tendon issues, understanding pain and managing soreness.

Easy to use guide with video demonstrations of how to get the most out of it.

Complete programs to cover issues such as ankle rolls, hot pockets and achilles tendon issues.

Bonus performance program to bulletproof your feet , calf and ankles for life on the plank.

Complete video demonstration for each individual exercise.

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Want More?

This ankle program is just a snippet of the total skate injury master class where we take the same approach and cover the entire skaters body. Added to this you also get all your exercises delivered (including the ones in this program) in a seem less app experience. Be sure to check out the SS Masterclass Program and make your skate injury problems a thing of the past.

Word on the Street

I broke my Talus bone in April while on a trip to California. Dan helped me recover and made sure I recovered WELL. Us skateboarders are always trying to recover as soon as possible but it hurts us in the long run. Dan guided me through the non weight bearing phase until we slowly started ramping up until I was 100% ready to step on a skateboard. Skateboard Strength isn’t just about the recovery phase though, Dan kept updating my program to suit where I’m at. While I’m healthy we work on injury prevention and performance. Thanks Dan, hopefully I can live the dream of skating in my 50’s.

Justin Schmidt

I started training with Dan to get me skating post ankle surgery. He mapped out a plan and took me from out of the boot to back to skating even guiding me to how to make the come back. I have been blown away at how much stronger not just my ankle is now on the return but the work we had done in that time on my legs and core has me feeling so much stronger on the board.

Sam Saddleton

Dan is a legend. After I rolled my ankle - badly, I reached out to him for support and advice, to get back on my board faster. He was super helpful and his expertise was above and beyond my expectations. During the 8 weeks of rehabilitation he showed me how to do various ankle strengthening and remedial exercises. These were carried out in stages and intensified as my healing progressed. Moreover, Dan checked in on my progress regularly and was always happy to address any questions or concerns that I had. I honestly don't think that my ankle would have healed as quickly as it did without the support I got from Dan. I highly recommend his services and give it 5 stars

Amanda France

Thanks so much for the continued help and support. Without your assessment and personalized work out plan I'd still be struggling to carry out normal everyday tasks, much less skate after just a few months of being committed to the program you laid out for me, I've been able to skate a bit more so far with less pain but more importantly I'm able to sleep thru the night without waking up in pain from my back. Thanks again so much.

John Hernandez
John Hernandez