Online Consult

Book a 45 Min virtual consult to ask the questions you want. Covering anything including:

Full movement/exercise analysis

Programming and exercise history

Current program assessment

Technique assessment

Injury programming


Ask any questions you want. Your call.

$80 AUD for 45 Mins (Roughly $52 USD)

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Ask the Questions

The Internet holds a vast amount of conflicting information.


Which sources should you trust?
Who should you talk to?
Which information applies to you?
How do you know it will work?


Receive the Answers

An online consult is your chance to ask the questions you want and receive actionable steps to fix the problem. Examples of 1-1 online video consultations can include:

Full movement/exercise analysis

Programming and exercise history

Current program assessment

Technique assessment

Injury programming analysis


Use the time to simply ask the questions you want

Exercise recommendations are based off your personal assessment and delivered using the Skateboard Strength app with full video demonstration. Cost also includes access to the app for 3 months to solidify the work done in session.

*Disclaimer: This is not a physiotherapy session.

Word on the Street

I had been going to physical therapy and doing the same exercises for so long and not really seeing the progress I wanted. Hit up a consult with Dan and he took the time to understand what was going on and explain the issues. He built me a plan and now I am back to skating pain free. Ive noticed a big difference consulting with Dan vs physical therapists because Dan knows what skating does to your body and how to approach getting back to skating after an injury. Money well spent.

Ben Tenner
Ben Tenner

Working with Dan has been incredibly helpful. I’ve worked with trainers/PTs/ATs in the past and, while they’re helpful with general knowledge of the body, they didn't know anything about the demands of skateboarding. Then, because they didn’t know skateboarding, it led me to be less confident and trusting of the exercises and programs they would prescribe me. All that was out the window after my first consultation with Dan. He made me feel comfortable and confident in his programming because we could speak the same language when talking about skating. The entire time working with Dan, he was extremely attentive, positive, empathetic, and knowledgeable about anything I threw his way. I was suffering from knee and Achilles issues and he helped me resolve all of it. I would recommend Dan ten times over and will be back for any future needs.

Devin Testimonial Pic
Devin Harvey

Working with Dan has been a game-changer for me! After years of struggling with knee pain and seeing no results from various physios and random online workouts, Dan helped me fix it for good. I also managed to shed 12kg, thanks to his practical approach to nutrition.

Plus, the way he prepares the programs and keep track of your progress will keep you hyped in a way that you won't skip gym days anymore. As a beginner skater and snowboarder, training with him has really helped with my riding confidence and style.
If you are willing to put in the work to be on your board for a long time, Dan is def the one to guide you through this process.

Victor Miguez
Victor Miguez

I have been a skateboarder for 25 years, I just entered my 40s.
Last year I approached Dan so that he could help me keep skating for years to come. Enrolled on a remote one on one program. He has helped me understand my approach to strengthening through workout and nutrition.

Unfortunately a few months into the program I seriously injured myself and underwent an ACL reconstruction surgery. Dan supported my physiotherapy routine building a whole strengthening program around it. After a year of attentive personalised training I can happily say that I’m back on the board and literally in the best shape I’ve ever been.

Can’t thank Dan enough. Extremely recommended! (Specially if you think being a older means your skate days are over, trust me, they are not!)

Sergio Testimonial Pic
Sergio Del Amo